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The Window Installation Process

The process of new window installations may seem complicated and time-consuming at first, but our team of professionals does the work quickly, correctly and without the problems that come with inexperienced amateurs.
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    1. The Planning Stage

    During the planning of your project, you will receive all the information needed to determine which type of products you need, the job cost estimates, and the time required to complete the work.
  • 2. Old Window Removal

    The Second step is the removal of your old window systems, carefully measuring everything for the correct dimensions, and preparing each window area for the new installations.
  • 3. Prep-Work & Installation

    During the third step, we make sure all the preparation work has been done. Then, we will install the new windows and check that each one is set correctly. After that, we will nail the window section into the surrounding frame.
  • 4. Window Sealing

    On the final step, we will caulk and mortar around the window frames to provide a watertight enclosure around each one. This will be done properly, ensuring your windows work efficiently for many years to come!

*No matter how large or small your window project might be, we can provide you with the window installation services that your home needs. We offer only quality craftsmanship at the most reasonable prices available. We always want our clients to come back to us for their future window service needs, which is why we always provide superior customer service to our clients!

Choosing the Right Contractor

Polar Builders Inc. ImagesOne of the greatest home improvement projects you can do is replacing your old window system for a higher quality and more efficient one. Window system replacement is always worth investing in, as more modern and higher quality windows are able to greatly enhance your homes curb appeal and resale value. It also saves you a lot of money on heating and cooling bills from being soo much more efficient than your old ones. When deciding on new windows, you may ask yourself who will do the work for me? Some homeowners are able to perform the entire removal and installation process themselves if they have the time and experience, but most people don't. We always recommend a safer option - hire a professional. Choosing the right contractor is by far the most important part of the entire home improvement project. Rest assured, Polar Builders Inc. will get the job done right. We are the most reliable window contractor in the surrounding area, providing only the highest quality service and competitive pricing for all of our customers.

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