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Do Not Fall For These Common Vinyl Siding Myths

When it was first introduced, vinyl was a game-changer in the home improvement industry, especially with siding and window installation products. This polymer answered all the shortcomings of two of the most popular materials used in construction by a professional siding and roofing contractor in Minnetonka.

Wood possessed unmatched beauty but required massive amounts of upkeep. Metal siding was extremely durable, but it used to be expensive to produce and even more difficult to install. Vinyls unique composition allowed manufacturers to produce siding products that can both mimic the visual appeal of cedar siding and the strength of aluminum.

Despite its many advantages, there are still many misconceptions about this incredibly versatile siding material.

Vinyl Has Limited Design Options

This myth has its roots in some truth. During its early days, vinyl siding replacement products were extremely limited to only a few designs as dictated by the current technology of the time. Today, however, new innovations in manufacturing and fabrication have improved upon the design possibilities of vinyl. Nowadays, you can have vinyl siding installed by a roofer in Minnetonka that looks as good as the best wooden clapboard siding minus the heavy maintenance costs.

Vinyl Has Questionable Durability

While it is not as strong as fiber cement or metal siding products, vinyl still possesses enough strength and resistance to withstand almost any weather condition with very little impact on its performance and condition. Additionally, maintaining vinyl siding is incredibly simple. You can clean the boards easily with water and a mild detergent, and have it look as good as brand-new. When new vinyl siding is installed properly by a premier Minnetonka roofing contractor it will last for years to come.

Vinyl Is Costly

It is easy to think that all the benefits of vinyl come at a high price, but this is not necessarily true. Vinyl was actually developed to be an affordable alternative to other vinyl products, such as wood, metal and fiber cement.


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January 2, 2020
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